Safety turns clever.

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Aviation training comprises multiple processes designed to keep and increase the safety index. The human factor represents a key component to guaranteeing safety. A creative training approach must be conducted in order to consider this fact and the accelerated growth rate of the industry.

Evolution of resources going hand in hand with advances in technology allows the aviation industry to improve such processes through providing personnel with comfortable, motivating tools for reaching complete focus during study sessions.

This, in turn, leads to less application time, and in the short term, to an effective cost reduction.

We create

We write, design and produce aviation training modules for airlines and schools under the B-Learning concept.

Our courseware is original. From photography to user interfaces are ours. You will have an exclusive and unique list of modules with the full assurance that no one else will have them throughout the industry.

INTRO: ATR 600 Series‘ Power Plant System


  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hidden Dangerous Goods
  • Safety Management System
  • Performance-Based Navigation
  • GNSS Test – Honeywell Trimble 1000
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Aircraft General: ATR 42/72-600
  • Electrical Systems: ATR 42/72-600
  • Power Plant: ATR 42/72-600
  • Flight Instruments: ATR 42/72-600
PBN, CRM, CFIT/ALAR compilation (Spanish version)
ATR 42/72-600 Electrical System demo (Spanish version)

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